Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park

Heritage Site and Nature Reserve

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As its name suggests, this place was a very important site for the Gunpower Industry in Faversham.  There are a lot of built remains dotted around the site.  Click on the map features to find out more (sorry not visible on small screens).  Please use the following links if you are unable to view or click on the map: Visitor Centre, Foremans House, Incorporating Mills 1 and 2, Glazing House, The Leats, The Press House, Corning House, Incorporating Mills (1926), Lower Mill Pond


Cartridge filling

“Take the factory of Messrs. John Hall and Son, Limited, the oldest and biggest, and, according to expert opinion, among the best arranged we have. To the passing observer it resembles a game reserve, so well fenced in, thickly wooded, and noiseless are the grounds. Yet within there are 150 different buildings, many with machinery at work day and night, and 300 employees go daily in and out of the gates.

The buildings, which are one-storeyed, for the most part lie in hollows and wide apart, the rising ground round them confining the lateral effects of possible explosions, and the distance between them preventing an explosion in one from being communicated in any way to another.”  A copy of W.B Robertson’s, description of the Gunpowder works of John Hall & Son at Faversham, was published by Cassell & Co Ltd in 1899 under the title of ‘Where Gunpowder is Made...’.

The history has been thoroughly researched by local historians and the Faversham Society.  For further information visit the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, 10-13 Preston Street, Faversham, Kent ME13 8NS.  Telephone 01795 534542 or visit the website www.favershamsociety.org .



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